young lovers


w+m: peter fogarty

b: 24 february 2013


we met under the grey sky

in the cabin of an old rig

in an old barn down on the farm

that we shouldn't have been in


we were young lovers then 


walking through the wheat fields

sunset on our backs

day trip to the mountain beyond

no reason to look back


we were young lovers then


walking hand in hand

the fields all ahead

season turns from spring to summer

sunlight in your hair


we were young lovers then


seasons of summer in your eyes

tending to the lambs

new growth raised all around

still no time to look back


we were young lovers then


first chill of autumn in the air

leaves begin to brown

lambs take off on their own now

exploring accross the land


we were young lovers

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© 2015 by Peter Fogarty