thoughts in the shadows


w+m: Peter Fogarty

b: 26th May 2011


I'm sitting here like thoughts in the shadows

the sound of the wind

reminds me of you


nowhere to go and no way to get there

in the end

its all for you


restless like water, time moves in circles

your footsteps surround me

I go out to see


night moves to greet me, my skin starts to crawl

the choices we make

seem so removed


i turn up my collar to keep out the cold

your memory is here

keeping me warm


times in the distance, moving so fast

the distance between us

how long will it last


once more around, this time its real

my breath is like fog as I

step to the wind


cut to the core, this icy cold wind

where are we going

this feels like the end


this is the end

I'm going to be free

this is the end

oh god help me

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© 2015 by Peter Fogarty